Sardinia and CRS4

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The information presented in this page is not kept up to date, but it gives anyway a flavour of Sardinia and CRS4.

Welcome to Sardinia! You are invited to have a look at the WWW homepage of CRS4, an applied research centre on numerical simulations based in Cagliari. At CRS4 there are projects in applied math, parallel computing, scientific visualization, networks, environmental modeling, computational genetics, and other application fields requiring numerical simulations: 12 research areas are now present and about 100 researchers are working on them.

Antonio Ticca, working in the Scientific Visualization Group, is taking care of the technical details of WWW/Mosaic, mantaining the Web deamons and developing tools providing new functionality to our site (eg. a fill-form retrieval system for CFP and Conference announcements or for CRS4 phone book). Many more people helped in building our Web structure: Francesco Ruggiero set up an hypermedia tour of the National Archaelogical Museum of Cagliari, Carlo Nardone and others keeps updating an hypertextual list of cultural events and entertainments to let us choose what's new in town, Luigi Filippini took care of organising a multimedia history of Sardinia and collects all the reference material concerning the MPEG video compression standard. To satisfy our (and yours, if you understand Italian) reader's curiosity we have the availability of some italian literature (La Divina Commedia, I Malavoglia, Pinocchio, etc, thanks to Riccardo Scateni) and the most known newspaper of the island ("L'Unione Sarda") on-line thanks to the laurea thesis work Francesco Ruggiero is doing. You can also find many video animations showing results of the research conducted at CRS4 (eg. on medical imaging by Piero Pili, on pollutant transport in the "Bocche di Bonifacio" channel by Andrea Leone and Davide Ambrosi, on meteorological data by Luigi Filippini, etc.), and, last but not least, the results of the italian soccer championship (thanks to Graziano Meola).

The island of Sardinia is located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea featuring an extraordinary high quality wheather and scenery. You can have a look at some touristic info that we have taken from the press and converted to HTML. A document with some tourist itineraries is also available.

To get a flavour of this fantastic island, you can have a look at "In Sardegna Virtual", a hypermedia magazine on tourism, environment and culture in Sardinia (with many beautiful pictures).

The island is connected with a 256 Kbit/sec line to the continent and this has showed up that the concept of periferic region is now more related to network connectivity than geographical connectivity. From CRS4 you feel not at all isolated, but fully part of the big world of Internet, and in addition holding the environmental and wheather advantages of this wonderful island.

CRS4, Via Nazario Sauro 10, 09123 Cagliari (Italy) tel: +39-70-2796 1 fax: +39-70-2796 216 E-mail: