What is CRS4 ?

CRS4 is an interdisciplinary research centre developing advanced simulation techniques and applying them, by means of high performance computers, to the solution of large scale computational problems in various fields.

The mission of CRS4 is "to reduce the segregation between traditional scientific research and technological areas, trying to solve the problems that can't be solved by one discipline alone". In fact there are six groups within CRS4, and nearby 100 researchers are currently working on them.

CRS4 is part of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, a focal point of attraction for high-tech industrial research, and aims at co-operating with Industry, the Academic world and European Scientific Laboratories.

CRS4 will contribute to the creation of new positions for young scientific and technical graduates, helping them to actively participate in a stimulating international Applied Research environment. People working at CRS4 will have the opportunity to acquire essential skills and to master some of the most advanced research techniques.

About 2/3 of CRS4 budget is financed by the Regional Government of Sardinia Autonomous Region.

Structure of CRS4

CRS4 is a non-profit consortium of public and private companies, established at the end of 1990 by the following Founding Members: President of CRS4 is Carlo Rubbia, 1984 Nobel Prize in Physics, former Director-General of CERN, the Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva.

The Executive Board is composed by:

The Scientific/Technical Committee is composed of the following members:

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